September 2019

In this release, we rolled out our science-based system for helping people turn behaviors into mastered habits:

  • For each behavior, we replaced the “Getting Started” section with “Habify Steps,” which walk you through the process of doing the behavior consistently.
  • You can track your progress toward completing each of the Habify Steps and mastering the behavior.
  • You can see how far along the path to mastery you are for each behavior on your dashboard and throughout the platform.

We also added a new category of behaviors: critical thinking. In the critical thinking category, we released 10 new behaviors and 1 new skill.

July 10, 2019:

Our new platform was released in July 2019. The following exciting updates were included in that release:

  • New, more detailed Time-Finder Diagnostic report
  • Ability to schedule to take the Time-Finder on a recurring schedule
  • Dashboard you can use to track your progress and see how you’re doing
  • Integration with what was previously our course platform and is now our series of 120+ behaviors and 5+ skills

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